JAN 20 2014


Coloured Glass

My latest addiction is coloured glass. Vintage if possible, but there is some lovely new glass out there, too.

It's an easy way to dress up your room and you can either use tonal colours or go for a colour clash to brighten up your room. This is an example how I mixed vintage and new on top of a fire place.


Name: karen bruno
Posted: 14-02-2014 16:48:01

The blue ceiling light reflected in the glass -- do you have an info on that?




Name: Petra Tyler
Posted: 14-02-2014 17:00:17

Hi Karen

The glass shade is a bargain find from NEXT home and is dark green. The ceiling rose, cable and fitting is from Nook London.

Hope you'll find, what you need!

Best wishes

Petra Tyler

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