MAR 14 2014


My secret art find

One of the things that complete a great Interior is using original and unique pieces of art. If you like using bursts of colour in your space look no further; I have just discovered the most amazing, charming, creative and unassuming artist and painter in Palma de Mallorca: meet Ángel Hernández.

I was introduced to Angel via a friend of his, who has a beautiful period flat in the centre of Palma, which he has furnished with pieces of mid-century modern furniture, flea market finds and pieces of art by said Ángel Hernández.

Ángel lives in Palma with his wife and son and spends his days blissfully creating objets d’Art. Half of his flat has been taken over by his evergrowing studio bursting with quirky, bright, sometimes childish, abstract and geometric paintings and creations.

There are influences of his Spanish predecessors Miro and Picasso, but there is also evidence of Mondrian and whiffs of Deconstructivism, whilst some pieces are not too dissimilar to the pieces my daughter brings back from primary school. He picks up bits and pieces from flea markets and turns them into Gold. There are no boundaries to his imagination and he was very excited to show me a box full of small characters carved out of wood and painted in primary colours; the sort of counters you might find in a board game. He put one to his earlobe and said: “They would make great earrings, right?”

The wonderful thing is, Ángel seems to be perfectly unaware of how fantastic his creations are and when I asked him, how he sells his paintings, he told me he has the odd gallery exhibition in Mallorca.

Well, shall I keep quiet about him or should I spread the word? I will certainly be taking a couple of pieces home with me and if you twist my arm, I might just tell you where to find him, as long as I can say “I found him first”!

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